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We Have Stuff To Give

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A gift is a gift if it keeps moving.

There are many ways to keep your stuff moving.

We've mapped out a few for you below.

 Search Maui

Search our comprehensive map of Maui for:

-donations accepted at nonprofits & thrift stores

-businesses that repair, reuse, rent, resell, or upcycle

-exchanges that swap things like slippahs and books.

You can contribute to this map staying up-to-date HERE.

Exchange in your Ahupua'a

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Head on over to 

to barter and trade on a daily basis with your neighbors and community.

Work With us

Schedule A Pick Up with our Re|Move Program

We go beyond the normal donating of things.

You give us the things you are done with from your junk drawers and corner closets. We then sort it and start to listen for who needs it in the community; for example a school teacher, a small business, or someone recently housed. 


We offer this service freely, knowing that you understand we are driving to you and also driving to 5-6 places to take your things to where they are needed.  We prioritize this service for kūpuna, less able bodied, and single parents, who are in a life transition. We do pickups on Wednesday mornings only. 


-We do not take furniture (search our map for Restore).


-We do not take large electronics (search for ecycling) or appliances (go to Hammerhead or Go Green Recycle day in Lahaina). 

To schedule use our contact form below. 


Hire one of our Partners

Share Circle

We are sometimes able to support larger households or businesses downsizing. Fees start at a $50/hour (plus tip) rate if you want us on your schedule and have more than a few bags of things. However we offer this sparingly as there are so many places you can take your things with planning and many other organizers who do this professionally. 

A Honu Space

'Restoring balance to your home & lifestyle"

Professional organizer services

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