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We Make Things

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Creativity is fuel for connection.

We take things that are broken beyond repair and

upcycle them into new things for sale, gifting or learning.

The Upcycle Hui

In the fall of 2022 we will be opening a membership style workshop and space with specialty tools and materials for upcycling and repairing things. The hui is for a few you if you are a:

-Small business owner: We will will be supporting you with low cost product material and connections to online and in-person marketplaces 

-An upcycle hobbiest, maker, or inventor: We will have access to low cost processed materials to do your projects with and access to hard to find specialty tools.

-Those interested in learning how to upcycle things for day-to-day functional things like mopping or dog toys: we will be hosting monthly classes out in the community.

Contact us Below to join

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